Request for meeting and borders closure

Illustrious Sir Mr. President of Portuguese Republic

Subject: Request for meeting and borders closure.

Communication 124/2007


As representative of the Principality of Ilhéu da Pontinha authorised through His Highness King D. Carlos Supreme Chief of the Portuguese Kingdom), and accordance with the original documentation from the territory in 1903, as recognized by Royal Charter, Ilhéu da Pontinha wish to inform your Excellency that on 31 st December this year at 24:00 hrs, all land maritime and aerial borders with Portugal will be closed to traffic for both people and goods.

This documents will also be forwarded to the secretary General of the United Nations, president of the Union European Parliament, as well as all the countries and international organisations that support our fledgling democratic nation that is entirely based on peace and equal opportunities for all citizens.

We hope that the Portuguese State will adhere to the rules of good neighbourly relations and that there be no hostility or occupation. In the event of resistance from the Portuguese Government, the principality will have no choice but to ask for protection and support from all the countries and political organisations who receive this letter.

In addition the international media will be informed of the peaceful foundation of the Principality of Ilhéu da Pontinha.

To accurately, define the borders of our territory, we would like to advise you that our government and department of public relations of the principality will be available 24 hours a day to discuss and resolve any dispute.

We reiterate our desire is to avoid any diplomatic conflict that may disturb the normal function of our countries and hope the dialogue will be cordial between neighbours.

We end with the words of the former Portuguese prime Minster, Sir Doctor Durão Barroso, at the Torre do Tombo in November 1994.

“ A decision which does not respect the past will not have a vision of the future ”

My good Keep you


Principaly of Ilhéu da Pontinha

Forte São José 23 December