Reef: International Project Sea 2 /05/2008

The Principality of the Ilheu da Pontinha wishes through his department of Alternative Renewable Energies to issue this Request for Proposal (RFP) regarding the concession of a coastal sea area adjacent to the Ilheu da Pontinha, Western side with the surface of 10 Hectares for exploration and production of Bio fuels based on phytoplanktonic micro organisms otherwise known as Micro Algae. The use of technology based on submerged photo bio reactors s foreseen. The project contemplates at least the production of 6 Tons of dry marine algae Biomass per day.

This concession will have the initial duration of 20 years and could be extended indefinitely by prerogative of the Principality and by interest and mutual agreement of the concerned parties.

The companies wishing to participate will have to give proof of knowledge in the subject matter, either by possessing or having access to state of the art technologies in this area as well as appropriate financial support and terms of execution not exceeding 18 calendar months.

The Principality reserves the right to carry out a “Due Diligence” process during the period of evaluation of the proposals.

The proposals of free format, written in English language will have to be handed in up to the day 15 of the June of 2008 by 17:00 Hours, or via e-mail, or post office regular mail before the date and time before mentioned.

This RFQ is open to European and International enterprises and is available in Portuguese and English Language.

The price of the Royalties collected by the Principality will be object of negotiation as soon as the winning proposal is defined.

After evaluation, the notification will be given to the winner of the best proposal, 20 weekdays after the initial delivery of same.

The award decision of the Prince is final and without recourse.

Electronic mail for sending of proposals:


  • May 23, 2008 at 11:45 am

    eu era soh pa dizer k a lokução latina ‘verba volant scripta manent’ eh assim mesmo e não km se vê no brazão…’scripta manel’…
    … MANEL????? o k eh lah isso?!
    axo k kem reklama um país deveria pelo menos saber escrever…

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