Invitation 106th anniversary

Principality of the Pontinha has the honor to invite you, to be present and take part in the ceremony of the 106th anniversary on the 3rd of October 2008. It was on the 3rd of October of 1903 that the possession and acquisition of the sovereignty, being free from Portugal, that took place. The islet of Pontinha (Ilhéu da Pontinha) with its territory deployment of the emblematic temple-like Fort of São José, constructed in 1419, is the location where the historical and cultural event will take place, accompanied with a drink toasting and honoring the Fort (Forte de Honra)

A confirmation of your presence, to date would be appreciated and shall be assessed with a view to drawing up the appropriate protocol.


– Inauguration of the exposition of the artist called Tempo.
– Demonstration of work performed in the margins of the seas of the Principality.
– Fraternization with guests.
– The Fort of São José and its territory is open for all visitors

A retrospective of the history of the Fort, followed by lecture of guest speakers

“Forte de Honra”

This year many of our supporters and fellow citizens that supports our cause, located in various continents, will be difficult for them to be present. Therefore they can express their solidarity with a virtual presence, by simply clicking on the symbol.

We anticipate your confirmation and are therefore complete available for any for any clarification, that you desire to know about this Ephemeris.

With our respectful compliments.

Principality of the Pontinha