Historical Errors or Guantanamo of Europe

Celebrated 500 years (21 August 2008) the city nearest to the Principality of the Islanders Pontinjha these days with major events or in many honors.

We feel however that some historians Portuguese forgotten are some details, may even be deliberate, particularly on the city since the beginning of Funchal city before it was a port and the port could have been anywhere on the edge of town that was then given the name of Funchal.

Maybe in the next 500 years or 1000 years from now is where it was said that port!
Even the historians forget to refer some rocks in front of the bay that city.
As you know the Desert and the Wild were bought by Portugal as the then fascist government after the 1958 Montevideo conference “saw” the issue of national sovereignty without those islands.

For the bay of Funchal there are 2 islets.
One was sold and was announced by the King in 1903 in the Government Gazette of Portugal.
Not published in a newspaper of Russia, Argentina or another country for a friend who has the power to acquire and then were to say to read the newspapers as we know they do in Portugal and give the appearance of increased transparency hidden. It was published on August 25 of 1903.

Another islander was fortress and in 1996 the Portuguese government ceded to the same activities were developed to support the cultural and heritage.
Wild on the islands to June 17 1996 was drawn up a contract with an individual for that purpose, for 10 years and with aid from the European Union said the businessman received EU funds.
Obvious that the monument was classified and whose opinion was a ghost or opinion is never existed

Still on the same islet 3 days after you have finished the granting of 17 June 1997, ie the June 20, 2007 the Madeira smarter succeeded the keys to that is not strong and knew how to support and connivance of the Union European and logical of all Portuguese sent perform some works that are in sight.
As outlined in the Elucidário Madeira to Fort St. Jose was destroyed with those stones to build the Fort Nossa Senhora da Conceicao.

The Islands of Zargam, vol II, p 149 against the fort that Portugal sold states:

“The Islanders of St. Jose, despite demolished by neglect and poor understanding of the historical memories of the archipelago, is nonetheless a ruin memorable in the annals island”

Eduardo Pereira, 40, Sec. XX

About another monument to the Portuguese began to draw the pier but does not know is that this pier.
Another islander who passed almost unnoticed is the islet of love in front of the Hotel Savoy, was not the old pictures where you can see this islet.
We could talk about other forts Portuguese and history of 500 years would be long but just remember us from two others with the same name and with activities in August

The day on August 1, 1960 was the month that the fort of St. John the Baptist was to help busy in Benin and that Salazar (1962) told the Portuguese soldiers catch fire and flee to Portugal, and then the Assembly of the Republic in 1986 by a former Secretary of Foreign Affairs (a men named Jose Manuel Durão Barroso still alive and that curiously the agenda in their national parliament was to deliver native to the territory that was legitimate powers of Portugal, to be accepted in that the European Union) ( is in the minutes of the Assembly of the Republic, in 1986) and another strong even with the strong name of St. John the Baptist, located in the village of Porto Moniz that the City Hall site acquired for 85,000 euros in 1998 and which today is the transformation that we all know and that was also subsidized by the European Union and after completing the aquarium had a “reinforcement” of the Portuguese authorities of 200 thousand euros.
Over the next 500 years the people will tell more stories