The most valuable of Madeira

More than a month a group of Arabs visited the Forte São José.

They were excited about their story, told from the discovery of the visit of the island of Madeira.

Visiting the center of rock, Forte São José where they were served a port gold in ceramic bowls, excited by the heat of the nectar and icy bottles of Alvarinho of Monção, showed interest in the acquisition and the Carta Regia deposited in London under the auspices of public international law.

We exchanged contacts to build a new and sincere friendship.

There are very few days, the same group of Arabs, after the acquisition will intensify, forcing it to set a price.
The price given was, and the supply at the time was close enough. Currently there are negotiations, and the price is fixed.

It is case for saying that the Forte São José costs about 150 Cristiano Ronaldo, this is the new currency of the island of Madeira, is beginning to be used as currency exchange market. Only the Forte São José does not belong to Portugal and even less to Madeira, which at the time was said that they wanted nothing to know the ‘rock’.