Short History

It was on this atoll that the discoverers, in 1419, took refuge before stepping onto its neighboring island – the Island of Madeira.

In 1903, the island was sold to citizen Great Britain, and Portugal lost his control and sovereignty over the island support in the Royal Charter.

In 1996, the Portuguese authorities showed their interest to reclaim the island from its British owner which, however, remained unfulfilled. Since 2000, the ownership right of the island was acquired by an individual Portuguese citizen. Since then, the owner of the island has been pressurized by the Portuguese governors to hands off his ownership over the property by selling and giving the custody of the island to them.

Given the situation of trying the unlawful occupation by the Portuguese state full member of an international organization of European Union, the prince is asking the United Nations and the international community will help against the occupying country, the Royal Charter letter is deposited in London and is recognized by the Portuguese state, in 2006.