Nail from Christ’s crucifixion

One of the main faces of the Templars of today Christopher Macklin has no doubts the authenticity of the nail that is believed has been used during the crucifixion of Christ, discovered on the Isle of Pontinha, in a box along with three swords and three skeletons, one with the inscription of the Cross of the Templars. One finding that was put into question by the Center for the Study of Modern and Contemporary Archaeology (MDE). Visiting the Region, where he gave yesterday, a conference in Hotel Porto Santa Maria, the Knight of the Order of Christ emphasized that the nails of crucifixion were given to the Templars and stored in a small box. Christopher Macklin added that in the fourteenth century the Templars were condemned to death and forced to flee on ships to various parts of the globe where they settled and may well have passed through Madeira. Knight of the Order of Christ points out that the box found at Fort St. Joseph, contained in files of the Templars, so it is possible to authenticate it. In June, will be edited a publication in which the Templars promise to tell the truth about some secrets kept for centuries, as the truth about Christ, about the code mentioned in the works of Dan Brown and even on the Holy Grail. “We want to tell people the truth because we believe that this is the right time for that.”

Translation from Diario de Notícias