Royal Proclamation No. 1 / 2010

Subject: recognition of Tibet as an independent state

His Majesty, the Prince of Pontinha, D. Renato proclaims:

  1. The Principality Pontinha is an independent state, although it is in the process of obtaining their recognition by the international community.
  2. As a matter of historical deference, HRH Prince requested recognition as the “Country-Brother” Portugal.
  3. Failing a response within a time considered appropriate, other steps aimed at the intended effect will follow.
  4. Once we recognize the Principality of Pontinha as sovereign and independent state, the first act of foreign policy should recognize the state of Tibet.
  5. Calls His Majesty the Prince of all members of civil society in each country that applies democratic and human rights defender to put pressure on the respective national authorities in order to pursue the recognition of the Principality of Pontinha as a sovereign and independent.
  6. A similar appeal was addressed to all the associations that defend human rights.
  7. HRH Prince, a personal note to the People of Timor-Brother Lorossae, recalls that attended the Town Hall Square in the nearby town of Funchal in the great vigil for the people of East Timor. Knowing the suffering of that people (and lives lost) in favor of self-determination and independence, calls for solidarity from the people of Timor in the cause of the Principality of suburbs and tortured the people of Tibet.
  8. He invites Prince Timor Lorossae that by the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation with the Principality of Pontinha, to create the embryo of a real federation of sovereign States Portuguese, who bring dignity (moral, social and pecuniary damage) their peoples , if only as an example of unprecedented action to propose to the “caste political leader” international.

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