Dear representative of the People of the European Union free (for the time being) nations ,

On behalf of His Majesty, D. Renato the First, regarding your meeting in our neighbor Madeira Island, I have the pleasure to invite you to visit Fort São José, the capital of our free State, Principality of Pontinha, and look, with your owns eyes, the Royal Chart from The King of Portugal, D. Carlos I, signed in 1903, selling not only the property but also the “dominium” of His Majesty’s island, the Forte de São José.

Our free and non violent government of the Principality is also willing to participate, as an observer, in your political European party’s (PPE’s family) meeting in Madeira, because it is His Majesty belief that we have many issues in common to discuss, as we all are in a democratic place.

If your portuguese colleagues tell you that they don’t know His Majesty’s Principality, or the Prince it-self, and therefore could not get His Majesty’s Contact, please note this cell phone: +351 96 4011891.

You can see below the links of His Majesty work regarding the recognition of His Principality as an independent state. We think your staff could translate it for your native languages.

His Majesty wish you a very pleasant flight to Madeira Island, his “niece-island”, and he his looking forward to have news from all of you shortly.

Kind regards,
The Prime-Minister

P.S. – This invitation will be released to the local, national and international press.