Letter to Mr. David Vannier

Dear Mr. David Vannier,


Thank you for your e-mail, regarding which I would like to state as follow:

1. Regarding the closing of the nomination period on June 10, I must remind you that in my other country Portugal that is a national day, a holiday.

2. For that reason, the national law and international law states that when a period closes on an national day, religious day or holiday, that period it will be extended to the next ordinary day.

3. So, I presented my nomination on June 13, the first ordinary day after June 10th.

4. Therefore, unfortunately I.M.F. must consider my nomination, presented on proper time.

5. Regarding the second part of your e-mail, I must remind you that I.M.F. did not give me an equal opportunity to present my solid program to the honorable governors or to an Executive Director.

6. That didn’t happen with the other candidates, who had that chance, directly or indirectly.

7. If every man is equal on this World, this is a mankind’s Principal that even I.M.F. is obliged to follow.

8. Nevertheless, you must consider the position of my fellow citizen António Borges (Executive Director of I.M.F. for Europe). I’m certain that he will be most satisfied to know and support an application from a Portuguese.

9. Therefore, that anti-Democratic rule of I.M.F. (“you would have had to be nominated by a Governor of the IMF, or an Executive Director”) must be changed at once.

10. On the other hand, I must have, fairly, the opportunity to present my nomination, according to Universal Declaration of Man Rights.

11. And after all, I’m not an ordinary man; I’m Prince by divine right.

I have also the pleasure to inform you that this message will be present to the international press and to diplomatic representation all over the world, especially to the Greeks Authorities, to Portuguese Authorities to the Ireland Republic Authorities, and to the High-Commissary to the Refugees, in the name of which I had present my application.

Sincerely yours, kings regards, and God bless you.

D. Renato I – Prince of Independent Principality of Pontinha

One thought on “Letter to Mr. David Vannier

  • January 8, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Como um cidadão do Reino Unido, que tem sido afetada pela recessão causada pela inépcia bancos para lidar corretamente com o público de seus respectivos países de todo coração eu concordo com a sua candidatura à presidência do FMI. Eu acredito que o príncipe Renato faria para um sistema muito mais justo e transparente do que está actualmente em vigor.

    Meu ponto é: “Quem vigia os vigilantes?”

    Neste caso, os bancos estão vigiando os bancos!

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